Una Glennon, teacher and author, was born in Ireland. After her marriage she moved to Zambia where her two daughters were born. Subsequently she and her family moved to Perth, Western Australia. The murder of her daughter Ciara in 1997 was a defining moment in Una’s life, which forced her to confront the issues of suffering, loss and the fragility of life.

Initially Una sought answers to her many questions on the meaning of suffering but failed to find what she sought. Una decided to write the book she would have liked to have been able to read at the time.

Ciara’s Gift was written over a ten year period and chronicles Una’s journey from deep sadness and despair to experienced grace. It is a profoundly moving and captivating story which opens a window into the transformative power of suffering.

Una still lives in Perth with her husband Denis and devotes much of her time to speaking on loss as an entry to personal growth.

Una Glennon