Responses 2


“I purchased a copy of Ciara’s Gift. I read it twice and didn’t cry. I read it a third time and cried my eyes out. Thank you for taking me on your journey with you. The book will always be on my bedside table.”

“I heard your interview here in Melbourne recently and immediately rang the bookshop to obtain a copy of your book which I have read and reread. Thank you for your honesty, courage and faith. So many people will be touched by your words, more than you’d realise.”

“I have just finished reading your beautiful book and felt compelled to write to you. I shed many tears on the way and was profoundly moved by the beauty of the language as well as your extraordinary bravery in sharing your grief journey so courageously. Ciara’s Gift should be in the library of every grief counsellor. I know that it will help many people.”

“I just want to say a very sincere thank you for the most wonderful gift you have given to our grief torn world, by sharing so deeply your story Ciara’s Gift. I started reading it as soon as my daughter gave it to me and finished it last night. Your way of presenting and writing got me in from the beginning. I couldn’t put the book down and related to almost every type of feeling you shared. I know the story you tell will lift many hearts. This book is now on the top of my gift list for friends. I know they will love it as I did. Again I thank you.”

“I cried twenty four years of tears reading your book. Thank you for making that possible.”

“I heard your talk. I read your book. I feel at one with you in your experiences.”

“Thank you so very much for the privilege of your gift. I cannot articulate the many emotions I felt as I read each page. You have already made a difference to my life and the book will forever be special.”