“You went a couple of steps on from most speakers: you took experience and matched it with knowledge and a deep analysis to give us something of a picture of life and its complexion…thanks for everything you gave me in your speech”. 
PROFESSOR TERRI-ANN WHITE, Director, University of Western Australia Publishing.

“We have returned home feeling deeply affected, privileged, and uplifted by our attendance at the launch of Ciara’s Gift. The depth and insightfulness of your grieving, delivered in words of love, dignity, poise and wisdom will, I am certain move many and achieve your purpose in its special offering of solace and transformation.

The book’s delicate and sensitive presentation invites immediate entry into its pages and we look forward very much to reading it for the rewards I know it will bring.”

“I found your talk so very wise and full of insight. It affirmed some of my own discoveries and brought more depth to others. Please know that your words will be read and re-read and treasured. And that the dignity, compassion and humanity you display are an inspiration and example to others. Thank you to you and thank you to Ciara.”

“That was the best talk I have ever heard on the subject.”

“You speak my language. You are the only one who speaks my language.”

“I will treasure the wisdom and insight from your presentation and book.”

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