Welcome to the website of Una Glennon, author of Ciara’s Gift.

Ciara’s Gift was born out of my journey through grief following the murder of our twenty-seven year old daughter, Ciara, in 1997. This is the book I would never have wished to write but felt compelled to write in the hope that it may bring comfort and hope to those who are grieving following any life-shattering loss.

When someone or something very dear to us is taken away we are left with an enormous vacuum in our lives, a vacuum that fills with sadness, pain and despair. We feel we cannot go on living in the face of such heartbreak. We are forced to search for a deeper meaning to life.

When we are given the courage to enter deeply into and to feel our pain we discover that beneath it is a place of enduring love, compassion and quietude. We learn that the event that brought us so much pain ultimately opens a portal into a place of tranquillity.

Thus, we emerge from suffering with increased capacity to live each day in peace and gratitude for the tremendous gift that life is.

Una Glennon