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“It is a superb piece of writing free from cliché or sentimentality, emotionally honest, and struggling to articulate the overwhelming pain of dealing with the loss” SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“This book is a meditation on loss, at times gentle, at times agonizingly raw. It speaks wisely, simply and with dignity of the human desire to find a meaning in life, the endlessness of grief, the endurance of faith and the paradoxical inseparability of joy and sorrow”

“Unable to put Ciara’s Gift down, by midnight, drenched in tears, I realized that Una Glennon had indeed given me a gift. Una Glennon’s writing is exquisite”

Ciara’s Gift is a generous gift of wisdom. We should be grateful that Una survived to piece together this window into meaning that we can all look through. Ciara’s Gift is a beautiful book” ANGLICAN MESSENGER