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“I would like you to know I read your book a few days after it was released and was moved by it to my core as at last I had found someone who spoke a language I understood, a language of honesty and rawness, of vulnerability and of strength, of hurt buried deep and allowed to surface and be faced. What you did in writing your book has taken enormous courage. I would like you to know your courage has not been wasted. Thank you for putting aside your fears, for sharing what really matters. I am just one person of many who will be touched by what you have done. Ciara’s Gift is both precious and eternal. It is also universal in that it puts aside superficialities and speaks the language of the soul, a language which crosses all cultures and religious divides.”

“Thank you so much for writing Ciara’s Gift. It must have been unbearably hard to do – but as one of the parents to whom you so kindly dedicated your book on her behalf, I am so grateful that you managed it.”

“I am writing to thank you for your courage and wisdom in writing your book. I am certain your story will bring comfort and hope to many people who struggle to find a reason to get out of bed each morning.”

“I have just finished reading your wonderful book Ciara’s Gift. Your reflections on your painful journey, so generously shared for the benefit of us all, are life giving and filled with hope. They will be revisited many times when I am in need of a little wisdom. Thank you for the gift you are to our hurting world.”